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Let's head out with our favorite mischievous little guy.
Who knows where we will end up!

Costeau's Art Gallery

Our Story

The Mischievous Adventures of Costeau is a lifestyle brand that plays on the hearts of all of us. It’s product line tells the story of a Mischievous little crab named Costeau. Through his adventures around the country and this amazing planet, he always finds himself next to a beautiful mermaid in an awkward situation. With designs hand drawn by one of our countries most incredible artist, Mr. Gerald Atkin, the products come to life and include phrases that will give even the most reserved individual an under the breath chuckle. Costeau is sure to entertain all whom cross his adventurous path with apparel and products that showcase his experiences. We all have a bit of this little crabby guy in us, and you will soon see that Costeau is quite the entrepreneur who has a zest for life. We can’t wait to meet you when you check out Costeau! You will immediately feel the fun and mischievous energy that this little crabby guy has as it is visually portrayed on each of our products. You will surely want to add him to your collection! If you can’t make it in person please visit us at